From No Pasa Nada
Inga Schunn
“¿Como voy a vivir hoy para crear un mañana en el que estoy comprometido?”

“Waiting for the Train”
Train after train passes by, each more empty than the last and none going where he needs to go, so Kyle sighs dramatically to see if he can make a loud enough noise to echo in the desolate subway station (he can’t).
He refuses to check his phone to see when his train is even scheduled to arrive, since that would show he cares, and Kyle feels the need to passive-aggressively take a stand to no one in particular to prove how much he simply doesn’t care.
Plus it’s more fun to sigh and moan over the train’s assumed lateness, acting as if it’s a huge annoyance, even though he keeps telling himself he doesn’t even wanna go.  Being upset over it at least passes the time while he waits.
Having laid in bed for days, too depressed to move, Kyle somehow dragged himself out of his apartment to go meet up with some of his friends like he had promised over a week ago.  He finds it hard to imagine that people do this every day, and that they even look forward to hanging out with people… it’s all such a hassle.
It was exhausting to even get this far with it…!  
His train finally arrives, but Kyle decides he’ll just text his friends a happy lie so he can go back home and be alone.
(Thank you to the Sensational Samantha of for helping me gif this once again!!)
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